Homeschool Classes at The MAC


For parents of homeschooled children who want to lighten their load, and provide their kiddos time in a structured social context with a skilled instructor.

Classes meet every Thursday from 1:30 to 3:00pm, starting January 18th. Parents can pay for and attend classes à la carte, or reserve their children a seat for the whole semester. Discounts apply for multiple children from the same household. You can sign up for classes by following this link.

Semester pricing
(sign up for all 13 classes for a 15% discount):

  • 1 child - $165 ($15x13=$195-15%)
  • 2 children - $275 ($25x13=$325-15%)
  • 3 children - $385 ($35x13=$455-15%)

Single class pricing:

  • 1 child - $15
  • 2 children - $25
  • 3 children - $35

Class List

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January 18th

Hidden Texture – We will make use of some random materials to make an artistic surface composing an exciting space, learning all about elements of design like texture, line, and value. This lesson will continue into the following week. 

January 25th

Sgraffito Tiles –  We will work with low-fired, red, earthenware clay. Students will work with a small tile, applying colored clay, called slip, to the surface in a process known as Sgraffito, which means “to scratch”. We will use this technique to draw through one color of slip and show the red earthenware clay body below.

February 1st

Positive & Negative Space – In this exercise, students will explore the relationship between positive and negative space, light and shadow. One can not exist without the other.

February 8th

Ball Point Engraving – This low-tech method of engraving involves pressing a design into a drawing board by applying pressure through a piece of paper positioned over the board. The tool for engraving? A simple ball point pen! The image on the drawing board is revealed by rubbing colorful art sticks on the paper over it, building multiple layers of color into one image. 

February 15th

No Class 

February 22nd

Dot, Dot, Dimension – Dots are fun. Dots are fast. Dots are universal. Anyone can start with a dot, diverge into a pattern, and end up with a painting! The trick is repetition — of shape, sizes, colors, and patterns. 

March 1st

Basics of Watercolor – Students will explore the medium of watercolor paints. They will observe basic watercolor painting techniques (such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry and dry-on-dry), demonstrated by the instructor. Then students will experiment with these techniques themselves on small squares of watercolor paper to create their own images.

March 8th

Ink on Paper With Nibs – Using a posable articulated art mannequin, we will use ink and nibs to practice our watching, focusing on intention and observance.

March 15th

Comics in the Classroom – This lesson capitalizes on the popular appeal of comic books to introduce the concept of genre. Students will look over and discuss several comics, and then try their hand at creating a story through use of individual panels.

March 22nd

Toad Houses – In this hand-building clay project, students will create dwellings for tiny forest animals and birds. Beginning with flat clay slabs, students will learn how to use slump molds (even making their own mold out of a soda can!) to shape the slabs into three dimensional forms. They will use sprig and press molds to texture and embellish their structures, simulating trees, leaves, knot holes, and burrows reminiscent of natural habitats found in woodlands.
Toad Houses will be available for pickup on April 5th, after they've been fired in the kiln. 

March 29th

No Class

April 5th

Join The Flock – Kids get familiar with the parts of a bird and how they function, then gather an assortment of leftover art materials to create their own feathered classroom flock! 

April 12th

Railroad Perspective – Using images of railroads as inspiration, we will learn how to draw using one-point perspective!

April 19th

Class Project Proposals – Students will propose their own lesson ideas for the last class.. What do you want to learn?

Students will need to prepare a paragraph explaining their class idea, and a list of materials The MAC would need to get.

We will have a secret ballot with the kiddos to vote for one idea, and then we'll do that project together on April 26th!

April 26th

The project for this week will be determined by the kiddos' vote from the previous week!