Homeschool Classes at The MAC


Executive director, Brandace Cloud, has worked with parents in the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon area for the past few years, providing art education in a classroom environment for homeschooled children. This past spring, The MAC began offering this same benefit to homeschooling parents in Macoupin County and beyond who want to lighten their load and provide their kids with instruction in a subject that many of them may not be familiar with.

Classes meet every Wednesday or Thursday from 1:30 to 3:00pm. Parents can pay for and attend classes à la carte, or reserve their children a seat for the whole semester. Discounts apply for multiple children from the same household. You can sign up for classes by following this link.

Semester pricing (all 12 classes):

  • 1 child - $156
  • 2 children - $258
  • 3 children - $360

Single class pricing:

  • 1 child - $15
  • 2 children - $25
  • 3 children - $35

Class List

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August 23rd or 24th

Hammers and Nails – Let’s start the semester off with some good old fashioned fun! We will use hammers, nails, wood, staplers, and paper to create small wooden sculptures. 

August 30th or 31st

Painted Portraits – Portraits are a major part of art history. We will briefly look at some portraits from history, then, looking at ourselves in mirrors, we will draw self-portraits in pencil, and then move on to paint our portraits with acrylic paints. 

September 6th or 7th

Clay Sculptures – We will learn how to manipulate low-fire earthenware clay into small pieces, like legs and heads and tails, that we will then use to build animal sculptures. 

September 13th or 14th

Changing Faces – Students will need to bring an 8x10 photograph of themselves for this class. We will use those photos to help us practice our portrait-drawing skills like isolating facial features and recognizing their placement. 

September 20th or 21st

Kandinsky-Inspired Painting – We will create abstract art inspired by the work of Russian painter and art theorist, Wassily Kandinsky. 

September 27th or 28th

Trees As Art – Many famous artists have taken inspiration from the natural world. Visual artists like Gustav Klimt (Tree of Life), Van Gogh (The Mulberry Tree), Georgia O’Keefe (Lawrence Tree), and Piet Mondrian (Gray Tree) all chose the noble tree as subject matter. Using pressed and fresh leaves, we will create monoprints that we will assemble into larger pieces resembling falling leaves. 

October 4th or 5th

Wearable Sculpture – We will create wearable sculptures inspired by the work of artist, Nick Cave.

October 11th and 12th

No Class

October 18th or 19th

Stain Painting – We will use acrylic paint to make a color-stained work of art, using techniques employed by Color Field artists Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis. 

October 25th or 26th

Functional Pots – We will look at some local potters’ work for inspiration, and create our own small functional ceramic pieces. 

November 1st or 2nd

Exactly Where I Want To Be – We will take a look at a few different landscape artists, and then make our own landscapes, using different materials to put ourselves in those landscapes. 

November 8th or 9th

Quilling – We will learn about an art form that has been around for centuries. Originally, quilling was done with silver, but we will use strips of paper that will be rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. 

November 15th or 16th

Geometric Art – Mixing art and mathematics, we will use circles to create overlapping tissue paper collages.