Homeschooling Classes

We are so excited to share the joy of art with our homeschooled friends again this spring!
We have the space, amazing instructors, and all the materials and equipment to help kiddos learn, and we are happy to take some of the weight off of homeshooling parents' shoulders.


These classes are geared toward students 6 to 13 years of age. If you have older kids who are interested in exploring their artistic side, they could check out our adult classes. And if you have questions or would like more details, please don't hesitate to send us an email!

All classes meet on Thursday from 1:30 to 3:00pm. 

  • January 17 – Tonal Gradation

    • We will start the semester by looking at tonal gradation (defined as value steps going from light to dark), choosing our favorite color and working our way from light to dark.

  • January 24 - off

  • January 31 and February 7 – Watercolor Dreamcatcher

    • This is a two part class. First class we will look at dream catchers, and then draw our very own by repeating symbols in a radial design. The second class we will work on filling in the spaces with oil pastels. Then we will use a wet-on-wet technique to add watercolor to the surface.

  • February 14 – Paper Lace Mobile

    • Working with scissors and paper we will work on making a complicated paper mobile.

  • February 21 - off

  • February 28 and March 7 – Block Printing

    • This is a two part class. First class we will look at examples of different block printers. Then we will draw up our own design. Next we transfer our design over to a rubber block. We will use linoleum cutters to cut out our negative space. The second class we will finish up carving our block. Then we will set up printing stations and print our block on several different mediums, including paper, wood, and fabric (bring your own clothing to print on???)

  • March 14 and March 21 – Textured Paper and Cut Paper Collage

    • This is a two part class. First class we will learn how to texture papers by ways of paints and as well as tactile texture. The second class we will use those textured papers to cut out pieces of paper and create a cut paper collage along the lines of Eric Carle, Pete Cromer and Ellen Giggenbach.

  • March 28 and April 4 – Slab Berry Bowls

    • This is a two part class. First class we will work with the slab roller for rolling out slabs of clay. We will use those slabs to construct a berry bowl. The second class we will glaze those bowls.

  • April 11 – Wheel Throwing

    • This class we will spend the whole time playing on the potters wheel. We will not keep any of our creations (unless other plans are made in advance). This session is to test it out and see if you wanna take a class with us during the summer! (if you do sign up for a summer class we will take $5 off your class fee!)


Payment and Registration

Individual classes are $15 per student ($30 for a two-part class), and include studio time, in-depth instruction, access to all tools and equipment needed, as well as all materials.
Discounts apply for enrolling multiple children from the same household, or for attending the entire semester – eleven classes.

You can pre-pay for a class below. Just select the class title and number of students attending from your household. You will be asked to fill out a form with registration information before continuing to payment.

Individual class for 1 student = $15
Individual class for 2 students = $25
Individual class for 3 students = $35

Whole semester for 1 student = $140
Whole semester for 2 students = $230
Whole semester for 3 students = $325

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If you would rather pay in person, you can register for classes using the form below, and then pay with cash, check, or credit/debit card at the time of the class.