Online Payments
and Class Registration

On this page, you can sign up and pre-pay for a kids’ class by following the instructions below.

  • First things first.. if you want to take a class, we need to get some registration information.

    • Fill out the form below to let us know you want your kiddo to attend a class. The class title is automatically sent to us based on the page you clicked through from.

    • You can then pay in our studio by cash, check, or credit/debit card any time before class begins.

  • After filling out the registration form, you then have the option to pre-pay for the class online so you don't have to worry about bringing money with you to the studio on the day of class.

    • If you want to pre-pay, you can select the class title under "Kids’ Classes" below the registration form and click "purchase".

    • You will then be asked to fill out another form for payment information.

Registration Information

If you are registering multiple children for the same class, please list their first and last names here along with their ages.
Guardian's Name *
Guardian's Name
If you're interested in receiving promotional and informational material through the mail, you can give us your address here.
Guardian's Phone *
Guardian's Phone
Besides you, who else has permission to pick up your child? Please provide a name, relationship to the child, and a phone number for at least one other person in case of an emergency where you cannot be reached.
Use this space to let us know of any special requests, accommodations, comments, or questions you might have.
Media Release *
Do you authorize The Macoupin Art Collective to photograph, take video footage, and/or make electronic sound recordings of your child, and to use such photographic or electronic reproductions of your child for any purpose, including, but not limited to educational and other public media (such as Facebook advertisements and marketing materials)? Note that your child may be identifiable from such photographic or electronic reproduction. This form serves as your electronic signature as an individual, or as a representative of a group for which you have full authority to sign such a release. Opting out of this media release will in no way prevent/preclude you from participating in activities at The Macoupin Art Collective.
Policies *
Please certify that you have read and understand our non-discrimination, refund, and privacy policies (link at the bottom of this page or under the ‘About Us’ heading in the page menu).

Pre-Payment Information

After you fill out the form above and click “register”, you are all set. You can pay at our studio by cash, check, or credit/debit card any time before class begins. If you would like to pre-pay for the class online so you don't have to bring money to the studio with you, you can select the class title below and click "purchase".

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