Open Studio


Open Studio

from 10.00

If you want to explore your creativity on your own in a welcoming place with like-minded folk, you can rent out work space in our studios for a couple of hours or sign up for a monthly membership.

You can bring your own supplies, or use the materials and tools in our general crafting area at no additional charge. Other materials outside the crafting area (like paints, clay, glazes, etc.) may be purchased seperately at the discretion of our staff, and access to studio equipment (like the clay slab-roller, potter's wheel, darkroom equipment, etc.) is negotiable depending on availability and experience level.

Available times vary depending on classes and events, but you can contact us to set set up a time to come in, or you are welcome to just stop by during regular hours and see if we have space at that moment.

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Monthly studio memberships are meant to be flexible and individualized, so please contact us for more information if you are interested in becoming a member at The MAC.

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Use this space to tell us what you want to do, what you want to make, what sort of equipment or material you want to use, or just to start a conversation about the possibility of coming in for open studio time.