Call for Art
– Small Town Able –
A Grab'n'Go Ceramics Showcase

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The Macoupin Art Collective is looking for ceramic artists to exhibit their work in a 'grab-n-go' show, where visitors can buy their favorite pieces straight off the shelves of our gallery.

 All submissions for this show must be ceramic artwork handmade by the artist within the past 2 years. Any work sold in our gallery will be subject to a 30% commission fee. Artists will be notified of acceptance by October 9th at 10am. Work must be dropped off at The MAC (214 E Main Street; Staunton, IL; 62088) by October 14th at 6pm. Please make sure to send quality photographs of your work before October 9th so that we can share them on social media and our website. 

Please fill out this form to be considered for our show!

Name *
Do you agree to give The MAC a 30% commission on all work sold? *
Do you promise to send photographs of your work to on or before October 9th at 10pm? *
Do you wanna help set up the show? *
We will hang the show on Tuesday October 17th starting at 2pm.
Do you promise to have your work at The MAC on or before Saturday October 14th at 6pm? *
Our regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm.
Do you promise to bring lots of pieces in case the pieces you’ve displayed sell and we need to replenish? *
This is a “Grab-n-Go” show. That means people will be able to purchase pieces right off the shelves and take them home immediately. So if you bring us 5 mugs, for example, we'll display two of them and will put more out when they sell.
Will you pick up your leftover work after the show? *
Our Show runs through January 12th, and we need you to pick up your excess work (and a check for what you sold) starting Saturday October 13th!!