Instructor Application

If you are interested in teaching a multi-week course, a one-shot workshop, or a regular drop-in class for the Macoupin Art Collective, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you to work out the details.

We generally pay our instructors an hourly rate of $20 per hour of instruction, plus a half-hour of preparation time per class session. If an instructor comes in to The MAC to prepare for a class (that does not require pre-registration), and no students show up for the class, we will pay the instructor for one hour to compensate them for travel and preparation time. We pay our instructors this way, rather than per student, so that we can maintain a consistent pricing structure. As such, we require a certain number of students per class to remain profitable, and we expect instructors to assist us in promoting their classes. If this doesn't work for you, please feel free to start a conversation in the 'Other Notes' section of this form and we'll see if we can work something out. But remember, we are a budding nonprofit community organization dedicated to arts and crafts (especially for kids in our community... and yes... we're shamelessly trying to tug at your heartstrings a little bit), and we can use all the help we can get!

For reference, the pricing structure for our current lineup of classes is as follows:

Adult Classes

  • Open Studio – baseline pricing
    • $10 for two hours of studio time (or $90 for a monthly membership)
    • little to no instruction
    • limited crafting materials supplied and included in the price
  • Drop-In Studio – regular times (monthly/weekly/etc.), Open Studio plus a community element
    • $10 for two hours of studio time
    • limited instruction
    • specific materials needed (extra fee, paid separately)
  • One Shot Classes
    • $20 per class ($10 for two hours of studio time, plus $10 for instruction)
    • in-depth instruction
    • additional fees for materials added in to the price of classes if needed
  • Multi-Session Courses
    • $15 per session ($5 for two hours of studio time, $10 for instruction)
    • ongoing, in-depth instruction
    • additional fees for materials paid separately (students will take home some materials, some are shared with other students)

Kids’ Classes

  • Kids’ Drop-In Classes – regular times, example: After-School Programs
    • $10 for two hours of studio time
    • limited instruction
    • all materials included in the price of the class
  • Kids’ Multi-Session Courses – example: Summer Art Camp
    • $15 per session (ex. $30 per week for a two-day per week course)
    • in-depth instruction
    • all materials included in the price of the class

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clay, drawing, fibers, painting, photography, stained glass, woodworking, etc.
Give a brief description (2-3 sentences) of the proposed class, as it would appear on our website or in marketing material. Please refer to other classes listed in our catalog for examples.
Please give us several options to help us work your class into our existing schedule.
Please list tools and materials that students will need for the course. Be sure to make a distinction between standard tools or materials that students will take home at the end of the class, and bulk consumable materials or optional specialized tools that will stay at The MAC and that students will share during the class. We prefer to buy tools and materials in bulk to save on our costs and provide students with a lower price than if they purchased these materials on their own. However, we ask that you use ‘list price’ or ‘retail price’ when figuring per-student costs. If possible, provide links to retailer websites as reference to help us purchase these materials.
Provide a brief description of your teaching and artistic experience, as it would appear in the course description on our website or in marketing material.
If you have a professional website or Facebook page for your business, please provide a link here. A website is not required, but if you cannot provide one, be prepared to provide a portfolio or samples of your work before being considered as an instructor.
If you require any special accommodations, or there are details for the proposed class that did not fit into any of the above fields, please list them here.