About the MAC

The Macoupin Art Collective is a nonprofit art school and gallery, built in a renovated 1920s automotive dealership. The 4,600 square-foot space boasts a ceramics studio with eight potter’s wheels, clay extruder, slab roller, as well as plenty of surplus tools, tabletop workspace, and shelf space; a black-and-white photo developing darkroom with photo enlargers, developing chemicals, and other photo developing equipment; an enclosed area for painting, drawing, and textile work; a general crafting area with supplies and tools for all sorts of impromptu projects; and a plethora of other resources for various artistic endeavors, including studio space for rent to resident or visiting artists.

Our Beginning

The Macoupin Art Collective was founded by professional artist and educator, Brandace Cloud. Brandy worked as a ceramic artist and art teacher for years, and always dreamed of opening her own art center to provide educational opportunities to those in her community, as well as a communal space for fellow artists and dreamers.
With a lot of help from friends and family, she made that dream a reality. A generous investor helped her purchase the old Bishop Motors building in Staunton, IL, and Brandy and her construction crew turned the collapsing showroom into a gallery, the oil-stained garage into a multi-functional workspace, and will soon transform the disused upstairs apartment into comfortable work and living space for visiting artists. 


Our Mission

We at the Macoupin Art Collective strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who comes to visit us, to bring educational opportunities in art and crafting techniques to students of all ages and skill levels through in-house workshops and community outreach programs, and to help anyone with a desire for creativity achieve their highest potential.