Class Proposal

If you have an idea for a specific class that you would like to submit for approval, or a class you proposed has already been approved, please fill out this form to help us advertise your class on The MAC's website, social media, and studio calendar.
If our executive director likes your class idea, and there is a really good response from the rest of our collective, we may be able to sign you on as a regular instructor!

Your Name *
Your Name
Class Information
Please provide a link to an image we can display with the class description. We prefer original or public domain images of example artwork or artists' hands working (as opposed to images of copyrighted artwork or people's faces).
Start Date
Start Date
Our classes are generally around two hours long.
If this is a multi session class, please provide additional dates.
Please provide a brief (a paragraph or two) description of the class. This could include a quick quip or provide restrictions or special requirements (like previous experience). If you're struggling with what to write, you could simply provide some or all of the following: What are you making (finished product)? What sort of tools and materials are you using? What techniques or skills will you learn?
If you would like to include a short biography providing credentials or experience for the instructor, do so here. This bio should be brief – one or two short paragraphs.
We generally charge each student $15 for every two hours of instruction, plus a fee for materials and tool/equipment use. In the example used here, a four-week class that meets two hours per week ($60), in which students use a number of skeins of yarn as well as taking home their own crochet hooks ($20), the cost is $80.
Tags on our website usually denote the type of event, length of the class, the artistic medium students will learn, or special considerations.
Please provide a one or two sentence tag line for the class. This should be shorter and snappier than the full description but can use the same wording/language.
Use this space to let us know of any other considerations or information that is not included above, like other tags or categories not listed as options.