Kids' Art Classes

Some classes are appropriate for kids of any age, while others have age restrictions. We ask that you use your best judgement in signing your kids up for classes, as you know your kiddos' skills and demeanor better than we do.
If age level is not clear in a course description, just send us an email with any questions you might have.

The cost for kids' classes includes fees for studio time (starting at $5/hour), and instructor fees (starting at $5 per class session). Materials are generally included with kids' classes. So a two-hour one-shot class will usually run around $15, while a six-week class will usually be under $100. See individual event links below for details.

Sign up now and give your kiddos an exciting, engaging art experience with their peers in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment!

Note for parents:
We encourage parents to hang out in the studio to keep an eye on their kiddos and offer encouragement during classes, and we love to see you engaged in your kids' growth and development through art. However, we feel it necessary to share our educational philosophy to avoid stepping on any toes and hurting parents' feelings.

We believe that kids should be allowed to explore the materials and processes involved with making arts and crafts, and we want every project that our young friends take home to be uniquely theirs. To that end, we ask that parents try their best to refrain from doing all the work for their kids.
If you want to be involved, you can remind them how to use the tools and materials properly, or help them remember the steps of a project, or encourage them to stay on track and pay attention to the instructor. But they should make all the decisions about where that paintbrush lands on the canvas, or where that sparkly bead should be glued on the sculpture, or what color glitter goes best with their collage. It's their art!
Don't be afraid to let them get messy and mess up. That is where some real learning takes place, in seeing what works and what doesn't.

Remember.. art is not always about taking home a perfect finished product. It's about playing with new tools and materials, and socializing with friends. It's about autonomy and free-thinking and making something of your very own. Let your kids make their own projects, and if you want to make something, you can take a class of your own!